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Participação de alunos do 9ºA no Spelling Bee


Spelling Bee

Last term we (some students from class 9th A) went to this competition in Almeida Garret library in Oporto. It was very fun. You probably have heard of it before, it's called Spelling Bee. It's a spelling competition (it's very common in the USA), in which everyone is handed a paper to write the words they hear, and who gets seventeen or more passes to the semi-finals, where they have to spell words of increasing difficult levels. 
None of us had more than seventeen words right so we didn't get to the semi-finals, but Gabriel actually got a word right when the referee that was saying the words asked the audience, so he received a sticker. However, he was a bit disappointed with himself. We were in the event for about three to four hours because we wanted to see who was going to win the competition.  It was awesome, and we were able to skip school for that matter, which is always a plus. I think our teacher found it very interesting as well and we're so grateful she took us there. It was an opportunity that we probably wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for her. Another amazing thing about it was that we went by train. It's not that big of a deal, but you know..., friends together always have great fun.

To sum this all up, we just want to remark that we really liked it and we want to repeat. If you ever get an opportunity to go, take it, because if we do, we definitely will!

Joana 9th A

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